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The opportunities in Health and Wellbeing industries are infinite. What are the latest trends in Genomics? How is Biotech disrupting its industry? How can machine learning and AI be implemented in Healthcare? What are the opportunities in the aging of the population? How can you create a culture of Happiness at the Workplace, or implement the concept of Wellbeing in policy-making? All the above and much more will be covered in South Summit Valencia gathering the open innovation ecosystem.


Healthcare is, and always has been one of the most important factors in determining the quality of life of any country. It is an industry in a constant quest of developing breakthrough innovations. This encounter will explore the various dimensions of innovation in healthcare led by governments, startups, corporations and investors.


The wellbeing of individuals is an increasing concern for governments and companies alike. As mental health, happiness, purpose and prosperity become valuable metrics to take into consideration, South Summit will explore what wellbeing really means and how it can be best facilitated.


Valencia, España​


30-40 Ponentes​

Hsta 15 finalistas

Why Attend?

Our goal is to generate business opportunities through innovation by connecting the very potent South Summit Community, the key players in the ecosystem and the best talent in the world.

You can’t miss this!

Business Opportunities

An encounter with the best networking with the key players from the Health and Wellbeing industry. You can also get the possibility to access 1:1 meetings with top investors, disrupting startups and leading corporations from the innovation ecosystem.

Startup Competition

The Startup Competition will have up to 15 finalists, who will get a chance to pitch their projects in front of the main actors in the Health & Wellbeing ecosystem and 1:1 meetings with top investors. A unique opportunity!

Social Summit

South Summit has a fully-booked agenda of activities and events to allow people to do business… When it’s time to relax South Summit becomes the Social Summit, full of networking and fun parties! A series of events where entrepreneurs, investors and corporations get to know each other even better.

Veles e Vents

Valencia, España​


30-40 Speakers​

Up to 15 finalists